About DesertWitches


We are Cathy and Sarah, a mother and daughter pair who live together in the high desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sarah is a university student and aspiring writer. Cathy is a retired homeschooling mom. This blog will be the place for us to post our lighthearted, frivolous hobby and interest sorts of posts. We think of our pursuits as experiments and adventures. Nothing is ever a failure, just another interesting milepost to take into account as we live and learn on the road of our lives. Some of our interests include gardening, travel, wildlife watching, cooking, painting furniture, chickenkeeping*, other pets, roadrunners who think they are chickens**, music, trying out homemade personal care recipes, and attempting to use our cameras. We also run Metawitches, which focusses on media analysis (mostly in the form of recaps and reviews) and WitchyRamblings, which is where we put our original essays on serious subjects, book reviews and some of our personal project posts. (How do we decide where a project goes? It’s a mystery.)




*And maybe eventually a duck. Definitely thinking about adding a duck or two. We met someone with a house duck that wears a specially made cloth diaper recently (the duck, not the person). Don’t tell Mr. Desertwitches. We already have 9 chickens, 3 cats, and 2 dogs at our urban home. He’s not interested in adding ducks. He’d love it once he got to know the duck though. He would. Shhh! 🙊

** One has wandered into the chicken coop as I write this. The chickens don’t think the roadrunners are chickens (yet). Chickens are as territorial as hummingbirds. It can all get very dramatic.